Colin Sowa Massage


The following is a partial list of specific contraindications to the application of massage / bodywork. These conditions represent conservative standards within the field of circulatory massage. A primary care provider referral is always recommended when a contraindicated condition exists or is suspected. (Note: Some of these conditions refer to specific areas of the body, and massage can be done as long those areas are avoided)

Acute Infectious Diseases: Diphtheria, Typhoid Fever, Tuberculosis (TB), etc.
Arterial Embolism
Broken bones
Cancer (light massage can be done)
Cerebellar damage
Damage to corticospinal tract
Drug or Alcohol intoxication
High blood pressure (untreated)
History of heart problems
Hypertension (usually in conjunction with high blood pressure)
Inflammation (inflammatory degeneration)
Laminectomy of 2-3 vertebrae
Loss of muscle tissue (surgically replaced with connective tissue)
Loss of "pain response" from nerve compression
Perforated Ulcer
Pregnancy (can be done, but with special care)
Stroke (light massage can be done)
Tumors (especially malignant)

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